Press Statement: Film based on UNAUTHORISED biography of Winnie Mandela

In my life’s struggle I have seen and heard many things said about me. I understand that my story, alongside that of my people is one that will continue to be told for many generations.

In an attempt to ensure that my truth was reflected, I reached out to the film makers of “Winnie Mandela” – my advances were rejected. I imagine the basis was to allow the creative process to occur organically- a concept I try to understand. I respect all creative efforts to make this story one that would appeal to a global audience as well as yield commercial gains for all those who invested in it.

In principle, I have no “problem” with the Winnie Mandela film while it remains important to me that my life story be portrayed accurately. I appreciate that this would require the utmost integrity of the storytellers but, my story is mine and no one knows it better.

I also reject media reports that suggest that I have a problem with the international talent cast on this film.
Unlike “Long Walk To Freedom”, this film is based on an UNAUTHORISED biography whose producers did not deem it fit to consult me or my family. My family and I are therefore not associated with this production.Sincerely,

Issued: From the Office of Mrs NW Madikizela- Mandela

24 February 2014
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