On Friday 18th July 2014, Mrs. Winnie Madikizela Mandela, Zindzi Mandela and Mandela family members will be hosting a group of the elderly women from Emdeni, Soweto, at 10h00 at The Mandela Family Restaurant in Vilakazi Street, Orlando West, Soweto.

We invite you to join us and to extend your generosity by bearing your choice of gifts excluding financial donations, Hugs, smiles and working hands are most welcome! These poverty stricken deserving women take care of orphaned and vulnerable children and youth in need.

For your reference, our contact person is Mrs. Lindo Mandela – Cell No +2773 269 4895 – Email lindo@mandelalegacy.com

We look forward to being with you.
For more information please mail media@mandelalegacy.com w




“I would like to share a poem in celebration of the freedom Aunty Maya gave women to use the power of the spoken word.”- Zindzi Mandela


Someone  once  said  that  it  is  possible  to  fall  in  love  with  the  promise  of  you
I  met  you  in  my  dreams  and  I  knew  that  it  was  true
I  wandered  along  paths  of  pleasure  and  pain
And  met  deep  loss  with  temporary  gain
Searching  and  wandering  in  the  wilderness
Of  the promise, looking  for  you
Everywhere… where  were  you
And  my  darling  you  watched  me
Drifting  away  into  a  rising  and  rising  sea
Ripples  and  waves  away, where  I  didn’t  want  to  be
I  drifted, surviving  on  the  promise  of  you
You, my  sweet, it  was  always  you
Someone  once  said  that  it  is  possible  to  fall  in  love  with  the  promise  of  you
My  Darling, with  you  in  my  life, I  know  this  to  be  true
Hand  in  hand  we  don’t  fall  but  rise  in  love
Heaven  knows, we’re  with  her  above
I  love  you  with  mind, body  and  soul
I  love  you  beyond  measure  and  control
You’re  the  safe  corner  that  shelters  me
The  sweet  love  I  dreamt  you  would  be
Your  eyes  guide  me  beyond  your  presence
To  your  mind, a  mysterious  essence
Keep  me  wrapped  in the  warmth  of  your  desire
In  our  sacred  space  that  can  only  inspire
Someone  once  said  that  it  is  possible  to  fall  in  love  with  the  promise  of  you
I  have  the  promise, I  have  YOU
10th January 2014

Zindzi Mandela shares images of bitter-sweet memories via Twitter on Freedom Day 2014

Zindzi Mandela shares images of bitter-sweet memories via Twitter on Freedom Day 2014

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Winnie Mandela Digital Archive Launch

We’re excited to announce the online release of Winnie Mandela’s Digital Archive

This  is the result of a multi-year collaboration of the Libraries to produce a digital version of the key research sources of the South African Struggle and make them available to the international community.

LWTF Online Store Launch

The Brand
The grandchildren established L.W.T.F Clothing in 2010. The brand was established to bring a touch of Madiba Magic to clothing industries all across the globe. L.W.T.F Clothingprovides comfortable but still affordable apparel for the discerning consumer. The brand represents the aspiration of those in the global community striving to not only be better, but to do better. L.W.T.F Clothing speaks to the next generation, re-enforcing the role that Madiba played in South Africa and inspiring the next generation in a positive and empowering way to take action. The Mandela Brand is a credible brand that people have come to trust across the globe and therefore wish to be associated with. If only to feel a small part of that Madiba Magic! Mandela has spent so much of his life crafting his public persona which has made him the icon he is.

Visit the online store 

Alexandra Base Ball Program

ALEXANDRA BASEBALL ASSOCIATION was formed by a group of energetic youth from Alexandra Township with the aim to motive young kids by engaging them through the medium of sports, thus giving them alternative options/outlets that keep them from harmful experiences.

The initiative “LEARNING TO PLAY & PLAYING TO LEARN“, which incorporates basic lifestyle education during baseball sessions has brought a lot of participation from young people in the community and adding to the growth of the ASSOCIATION.

We at Mandela Legacy adopted this cause and assist in day to day planning, maintenance of the initiative to ensure its sustainability and future effectiveness within Alexandra Township and similar areas.