What is Impactful Sourcing

Impact sourcing refers to a business practice that integrates employment, equity, and education considerations to create positive social and economic outcomes, particularly in disadvantaged or marginalized communities. This approach not only generates employment opportunities but also addresses broader societal challenges, fostering a more inclusive and sustainable economic landscape.


While we acknowledge the merit and intent of Impact sourcing on the surface, here at Mandela Legacy we also notice the gaps prevalent that hinder the ‘impact’ reaching its full potential. We understand the needs for intervention and in doing so are utilizing the necessary tools to make sure the data provided is truly reflective of the impact.

This ensures that through our united collaborations we’re able to sustain a level of accountability and consistency with both our clients and partners. Without definitive measures put into place then we aren’t able to future proof leadership and assist with ensuring career goals.

Our Tool

Our ‘Employment Legacy Data Platform’ or ELDP for short, is one of the measures put in place that help assess the outcomes of a partnership with Mandela Legacy. In live time, both partners and clients can sift through data reflective of social impact, career development, impact sourcing skills development and diversity all in all that promote the business outcomes of doing good.

Please follow the link below for an example.

What we do

Three Pillars


Job Creation
BPO Careers
Global Internships
Skills Transfer
Impact Sourcing


Financial Literacy
Schools Programmes


Diversity and
Women in Leadership
Black Economic Empowerment
Social Entrepreneurship