Gwen Madiba

507804-comme-plus-5-000-finissantsI am so thankful and blessed to be where I am and to go where I’m about to go….so blessed to meet you and all the amazing people with whom I interact with every single day. Through the great and the less good interactions I learn more about myself, about others and most importantly about the world that we are living in.

Since I was a child, I always knew where I wanted to go and I knew from a young age that the only thing that could ever stop me is myself, my mind and that once I would learn how to control my emotions and transform the hurt, the pain, the failures into victories, I would be able to finally embrace all the great things that life is holding for me.

We should start seeing ourselves as the “people we want to become”…everything we want, everything we want to achieve, we want to be…we already ARE. A great thinker said that it is just a question of time and circumstances and that when the circumstances are not there, we need to create them. Paulo Coelho said it best, we are the architect of our future, and therefore we have to start building it with solid bases (positivity, love and respect). Following that line of thought, Oprah kindly reminded us that “we don’t know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future. (For that) we shall move into this next phase with the greatest confidence that all will be well”.

Sometimes, we will come across what we call obstacles; however we shall understand it is up to us to transform them into triumphs, it is up to us to overcome them with focus, love, vision, respect and strength. I came to realize that in this universe, sometimes, obstacles that appear to be a curse at first sight (because of our fears) always ends up being a blessing, a new opportunity to learn and to strive beyond all’s expectation. Let’s use our faith, our vision, our love, our focus, our drive and all the other positive elements in our lives to start living the life that we want. So today, let’s rise up and make a toast to our achievements, to our success (today and the many ones to come).
St. Augustin also said it best, and I would like to end this letter by his advice in French “avance sur ta route car elle n’existe que par ta marche”.

Rendez-vous at the top.