Mandela Legacy is an organization that contributes its resource and capacity to assist the client to establish an active Corporate Identity that will allow them to create sustainable ventures where they can direct that value to their various social initiatives.

Mandela Legacy is a creative zone that also engages and authenticates public ideas linked to the family name in order to turn those ideas into credible programs.

Our internal programs include humanitarian business development, publishing, public relations/social marketing management and charity.


Humanitarian Business Development

“We count our beans” – We have taken a decision to collect and count our beans and really understand the value we can add


“You heard it from the horses mouth” – We believe in owning our stories, authenticating them and giving the public a true and honest reflection of who our clients are.

Public Relations / Social Marketing Management

“The power of communication” – Our clients all have a story to tell and it’s trough their story their able to institutionalize value and touch another persons life.

Active Philanthropy

“Individual Social Investment” – Compassion is an innate human characteristic and we believe in our client’s ability to make a positive impact in someone else’s life. Through their work we want to spawn a global awareness on Individual Social Investment.


That a persons’ ability to impact positively on society is vested in their access to resource and support. -“Social philanthropy is best achieved when it is driven by a committed individual, institutionalized and allowed to generate social value in perpetuity.”


  • To support individuals in raising awareness on issues that are important to them but, can be a positive contributor to overcoming challenges faced by a larger community or demographic.
  • To create and make available all possible platforms so the objectives of our clients can be achieved.
  • To develop programs that are easy to understand and have pinnacle outreach.
  • To educate our clients on the importance of utilizing their efforts and skills to promote positive social programs.
  • To enhance our clients social identity and servitude to the global community.